88 UN Staffers Killed in Gaza

The 88 staff members from the Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA have been reportedly killed since the beginning of the war, October 7.

The United Nations on Monday stressed that 88 staffers have been killed in Gaza, marking the highest toll ever for UN fatalities recorded in a single conflict, The Times of Israel reported.

The 88 staff members from the Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA have been reportedly killed since the beginning of the war, October 7.

A joint statement from the heads of all major UN agencies stated that the figure represents “the highest number of United Nations fatalities ever recorded in a single conflict.”

The statement further expressed outrage at the civilian death toll in Gaza and called for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire”, The Times of Israel reported.

Meanwhile, it also demanded that Hamas release the hostages who were abducted from Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday declared that Israel will not agree to a ceasefire until the Hamas terror group releases the hostages it is holding, The Times of Israel reported. “Take this (word ‘ceasefire’) out of the lexicon. We will continue until we defeat them; we do not have an alternative,” Netanyahu is quoted saying in a statement from his office.

“It’s been 30 days. Enough is enough. This must stop now,” the statement added.

Reportedly, 240 Israelis are still being held as hostages by Hamas in Gaza.

Moreover, the UN Security Council will hold another emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the latest developments in the Israel-Hamas war, according to The Times of Israel.

“In light of the worsening situation in Gaza and the attack on the Al-Shifa Hospital and repeated attacks on Jabalia refugee camp, the UAE and China called for closed consultations to be convened tomorrow 6 November at 3 pm,” a spokesperson for the UAE’s mission to the UN posted on X.

Furthermore, several resolutions called for “humanitarian pauses” have failed to receive the necessary votes in order to pass. (ANI)

Pope calls for ceasefire

Pope Francis on Sunday renewed his call for an end to the Hamas-Israel conflict, urging the release of hostages and humanitarian aid for Gaza, describing the situation as “very serious.”

Pope Francis. (File Photo: IANS)

“I continue to think about the serious situation in Palestine and in Israel where many people have lost their lives,” he said after the traditional Angelus prayer at Saint Peter’s Square in Rome.

“I beg you in the name of God to stop, cease fire,” he said.

“I hope all the possibilities are being explored so that a widening of the conflict is absolutely avoided, that the wounded can be helped, and that aid can reach Gaza, where the humanitarian situation is very serious, and that the hostages be immediately released.”

The pope has previously pleaded for an end to the conflict and for humanitarian aid to be allowed into the Gaza Strip. He spoke to US President Joe Biden last month about “conflict situations in the world and the need to identify paths to peace,” according to the Vatican.

Also on Sunday, the European Commission condemned the jump in anti-Semitism across the EU since the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East, saying “European Jews today are again living in fear.”

“The spike of antisemitic incidents across Europe has reached extraordinary levels in the last few days, reminiscent of some of the darkest times in history,” the commission said in a statement.

“We condemn these despicable acts in the strongest possible terms. They go against everything that Europe stands for,” it said.

IDF strike over 450 targets in 24 hours

The ground troops of Israel Defence Forces struck over 450 Hamas targets on Sunday, taking control of a Hamas military compound in the Gaza Strip, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Underground terror tunnels, observation points, and training grounds for Hamas operatives were all located within the compound.

A number of Hamas militants were also killed in the operation, the Israel Defence Forces said, according to Jerusalem Post.

Additionally, Hamas command centres, anti-tank launch positions, and other observation stations were hit by the Israeli Navy. More Hamas militants were targeted and killed by IDF fighter planes, among them Jamal Mussa, the leader of the organization’s special security operations in Hamas.

Jamal Mussa opened fire on Israeli soldiers who were roving the Gaza Strip in 1993. In addition, in intense ground combat, IDF forces killed the commanders of Hamas battalions, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Earlier today, Israel Defence Forces spokesperson Jonathan Conricus had said that the Hamas have made specific efforts to stop Palestinians from moving South.

The IDF spokesperson said that most of the combat operations are going on in Gaza because that is where most of the Hamas has its stronghold.

In a video posted on social media platform X, Conricus said, “Most of the combat operations are going on in northern Gaza. there are still other strikes going on , in other areas as well, but we are focussing on Northern Gaza, because that is where most of the Hamas has its strong hold.”

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