Pakistan in Catch-22 with IMF as Ramadan begins

Pakistanis are experiencing the toughest Ramadan ever as families are controlling their purchases, especially food items, due to affordability issues. Millions of families are facing a “serious challenge to arranging Iftari and Sehri for their dependents and would have to compromise their dignity by requesting loans from their kith and kin or opting for welfare organisations. Massive increases in electricity and gas rates have further multiplied consumers’ woes Pakistan’s Catch-22...

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Layoffs continue to deepen amid recession

Social media company ShareChat (Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd) laid off 20 per cent of its workforce due to uncertain market conditions…reports Asian Lite News As layoffs continue to...


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Stay energised during Ramadan

Fasting for longer periods can make you feel tired and low on energy, during the day. To avoid this, add a short workout session and 5 -10 minutes of meditation will do wonders…reports Asian Lite News Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar wherein people go on...

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