Dust storm sweeps through UAE

Passengers travelling from Dubai have been advised to check their flight status as some flights are delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions…reports Asian Lite News

Heavy rain hit parts of the UAE on Sunday evening and residents can expect dusty to partly cloudy weather in the country today according to National Center of Meteorology.

The dusty weather in Dubai and other parts of the country on Sunday reduced horizontal visibility on many UAE roads.

NCM predicted that it is going to be dusty and partly cloudy to cloudy at times. There is a chance of convective clouds formation Eastward and Southward by afternoon, and it might be associated with rainfall, it was reported.

Meanwhile, passengers travelling from Dubai have been advised to check their flight status as some flights are delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather in the UAE.

NCM has confirmed a noticed decrease in the severity of the low-pressure system expected to affect the country through continuous monitoring of its development.

NCM shared the latest findings during the daily coordination meetings being held between all competent authorities concerned with dealing in mitigating the effects of weather conditions.

During the meeting, The National Centre of Meteorology clarified that latest developments via weather maps indicated the movement of the extension of the air-pressure system towards the south, therefore its impact on the country is forecasted to be limited as per the latest maps.

It noted to the possibility of local cumulus clouds formation, with chances of light to moderate rainfall, as well as heavy rainfall across the Eastern and Northern parts of the country, in addition to the city of Al Ain and Al Dhafra region. It also pointed out to the persisting of moderate and often active southeast dusty winds.

All competent authorities confirmed their full preparedness for all possible scenarios and changes during the meeting, affirming the continuity of constant meteorological monitoring of the low-pressure system and ensuring the readiness of all plans and fitness of all teams.

Concerned authorities have also confirmed that new announcement of all developments related to the weather situation will be shared through all official platforms, calling on the public to obtain information from the official platforms and to deter from spreading rumors.

Earlier, Abu Dhabi Emergencies, Crises and Disasters Management Team held on Sunday morning an in-person meeting at the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Centre for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (ADCMC).

The meeting was chaired by Major General Staff Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Commander-in-Chief of the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP), to discuss proactive measures to be taken across Abu Dhabi emirate to mitigate any damages that might occur due to adverse weather conditions.

Al Mazrouei reviewed a report on the role and missions of the emergency team, mechanisms to deal with emergency, crises and disasters across the emirate, and the approved plans to ensure the preparedness of key and supportive teams.

He praised the leadership’s continuous guidance and directives and support in order to enhance the efforts of teams to protect lives and property, and to achieve targeted objectives in coordination with entities on local and federal levels.

Al Mazrouei also highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts of emergency teams, follow unified procedures to deal with emergencies, and to enhance capacities to deal with and respond to emergencies, and prepare for recovery based on national emergency ecosystems.

For his part, Dr. Nasser Humaid Al Nuaimi, Acting Director-General of the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Centre for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (ADCMC), has assured follow-up and supportive plans are in place to ensure all required resources are available to deal with the adverse weather conditions.

He said they are coordinating with Department of Municipalities and Transport’s various relevant teams in different areas across the emirate to ensure free flow of valley streams, and to hold coordination meetings with all relevant field teams from Al Ain Municipality and Al Dhafrah Municipality, Red Crescent Authority, Abu Dhabi Waste Management (Tadweer), Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Distribution Company to ensure timely response to all emergencies.

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