Reflections on the activities of the ‘El-Yurt Umidi’ Foundation

Recent events in Uzbekistan have shown that the country’s ability to implement fundamental reforms corresponds to the number of its young people and specialists who have access to innovative knowledge and can critically evaluate the current state of international and domestic affairs … writes Dr Akhmedov Djavakhir Djamolovich Phd, deputy executive director, “El-Yurt Umidi” Foundation The most popular and justifiable investments on a worldwide scale now are ones in “human...

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Building leisure buildings launched in Saudi Arabia

Building Leisure Buildings aims to foster collaboration and unleash the potential of the leisure construction market in Saudi Arabia…reports Asian Lite News Building Leisure Buildings, the premier invitation-only...


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BEAUTY & YOU : To discover, spotlight and propel the next-gen beauty brands

BEAUTY&YOU program supports India-focused companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators through a competitive application process that will be open to prospective applicants on June 7, 2023, through August 5, 2023, via …reports Asian Lite News Following the success of its first edition of the BEAUTY&YOU...

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