Tehran warned against attack on Americans over consulate strike

Ershadi urged the Security Council to condemn the attack, emphasising its violation of diplomatic premises’ inviolability…reports Asian Lite News

Tehran’s deputy permanent representative to the UN Zahra Ershadi asserted that Israel bears the full responsibility for the repercussions of its attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

During a Security Council meeting on Tuesday, Ershadi warned of Iran’s right to deliver a decisive response to such actions. The attack, which occurred on Monday, resulted in the destruction of Iran’s consulate and the loss of lives, including Iranian generals and civilians.

Ershadi urged the Security Council to condemn the attack, emphasising its violation of diplomatic premises’ inviolability.

Ershadi accused Israel of escalating the conflict in Gaza and criticized its actions as advancing apartheid policies and ethnic cleansing. She lamented the Security Council’s inaction, which she believed emboldened Israel’s violations. Additionally, Ershadi held the US accountable for Israel’s actions, alleging its complicity in the crimes committed by the Israeli regime.

Meanwhile, US ambassador Robert Wood refuted Iran’s allegations, stating that Washington had no involvement in the strike on the consulate and urged Iran to avoid escalating tensions in the region. Wood warned Iran against exploiting the situation to resume attacks against US personnel and emphasised the need to defend against such actions.

Vasily Nebenzia, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, condemned Israel’s strike on the Iranian consulate and called for an end to its aggressive actions in Syrian territory. He warned of the dangerous consequences of such actions for the region and urged Israel to abandon provocative acts of force.

Slovenia’s permanent representative to the UN, Samuel Zbogar, denounced attacks on diplomatic premises and expressed concern about the spillover effects of the conflict in Gaza. He emphasized the importance of restraint and compliance with Resolution 2728, which calls for a ceasefire.

China’s deputy ambassador, Geng Shuang, strongly condemned the attack on Iran’s consulate and reiterated the inviolability of diplomatic institutions. He called for an immediate end to the repeated breaches of international law and norms, emphasizing the need to halt the ongoing tragedy in the region.

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