British Indians call for ethical diplomacy from incoming Labour govt

As the largest ethnic minority group, British Indians wield significant influence in swing constituencies…reports Asian Lite News

The Platform for Indian Democracy, a forum of Indian-origin British voters, is calling on candidates to prioritise democracy and human rights in the UK’s foreign policy towards India. Recent surveys highlight strong support within the community for policies that promote ethical diplomacy and uphold democratic values in UK-India relations.

“The UK government has a unique opportunity to reshape its foreign policy with India, aligning it with the values that British Indians hold dear,” said Raul Lai, Coordinator of Platform for Indian Democracy. “By advocating for human rights, democratic principles, and ethical diplomacy, the UK can strengthen its relationship with India while upholding the ideals that both nations strive to achieve.”

As the largest ethnic minority group, British Indians wield significant influence in swing constituencies. The electoral influence of the British Indian community was evident in last year’s Uxbridge by-election, where their decisive role secured a narrow win for the Conservatives. This emphasises the importance for political parties to acknowledge the community’s perspectives on how the UK should engage with India, their ancestral home.

Alongside these deep roots in the UK, many British Indians maintain a strong relationship with India, with a recent survey finding that well over half (58%) read news about India at least weekly and are concerned by India’s recent trajectory when it comes to human rights and democracy. A survey conducted by the Platform for Indian Democracy in late 2023 revealed 90% of respondents in the UK believe human rights should be a condition for industrial and commercial investments in India. Furthermore, 87% of UK respondents in the ‘Modi Mirage’ Globe Scan poll advocate for the UK government to champion human rights in India, with almost half deeming it very important.

The Platform for Indian Democracy mobilises the community to advocate for democratic values and ethical diplomacy in UK-India relations. By engaging with policymakers and fostering dialogue, Platform for Indian Democracy aims to influence UK foreign policy towards India based on shared democratic principles.

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