AIM Congress: BRICS+ Forum Explores Economic Ties

The BRICS+ Business Forum deliberated on crucial topics concerning global economic dynamics and trade relations among BRICS member states and their partners….reports Asian Lite News

 The BRICS+ Business Forum, a pivotal session of the 2024 AIM Congress, featured prominent leaders and experts from the BRICS nations and beyond.

Chaired by Aleksandra Burman, the session provided a platform to deliberate on crucial topics concerning global economic dynamics and trade relations among BRICS member states and their partners.

The session commenced with Dawood Al Shezawi, President of the AIM Global Foundation, emphasising the significance of AIM Congress and highlighting the importance of stronger international relationships in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and fostering economic growth.

Roman Shaykhutdinov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, outlined the region’s sustainable growth strategy, focusing on diverse sectors including oil, agriculture, IT, and tourism. Shaykhutdinov underlined Tatarstan’s status as a burgeoning hub for startups and underscored the importance of forums like AIM Congress in facilitating partnerships.

Sergey Katyrin, Chairman of the BRICS Business Council, Russian Federation, affirmed the opportunities arising from increased trade and cooperation among BRICS countries. He noted the potential for healthy competition in attracting investments, ultimately benefiting all member states.

Sean He, Founding Partner of Silicon Harbour Capital Investment Company, China, highlighted the pivotal role of technology in shaping the global economy. He stressed China’s leadership in the technology sector and its interest in fostering collaborations with the MENA region.

Mikhail Makarov, Director of the International Relations Office at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Russia, shed light on Russia’s endeavours to promote technological projects globally. Makarov invited BRICS+ countries to participate in a foresight forum in Dubai in 2025, showcasing Russia’s commitment to fostering international cooperation.

Russel Curtis, CEO of Invest Durban, South Africa, elaborated on Durban’s growing significance in the BRICS landscape, citing the city’s strategic port location and burgeoning FDI inflows. Curtis emphasised the importance of aligning policy frameworks to attract investments and achieve sustainable development goals.

UG Sujatha, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Invest India, highlighted India’s remarkable economic growth and vibrant startup ecosystem. She stressed the potential for BRICS countries to collaborate and create a dynamic ecosystem conducive to mutual growth.

Dr. Leteia Pricila Gomes, President of Invest Brazil Institute for Investment and International Cooperation, underscored Brazil’s commitment to improving investment laws and fostering innovation. She highlighted the need for educational and developmental initiatives to further enhance Brazil’s attractiveness to investors.

Startups and Unicorns take centre stage

The 2024 AIM Congress, currently underway in Abu Dhabi, showcased a dynamic exchange of visionary ideas and strategic insights during the AIM Startup and Unicorns Track sessions.

These sessions, featuring esteemed moderators and panellists, unveiled groundbreaking perspectives and transformative opportunities across various industries.

The “Middle East Unicorns Conclave: Unicorns and Mobility Industry” session, moderated by Mohamed Nagaty, illuminated the evolving landscape of unicorns and the mobility industry. Mohamed Ezzat of Tech Logistics (Bosta), Salman bin Mohammed Al Suhaibaney of Morni, Maan Khalid Eshagi of Professional Wealth Management Venture Capital, and Faisal Hilal, CEO of Ahlan, shared their expertise.

“Becoming a champion in your own market is essential; smaller markets offer less competition and significant benefits. However, thorough financial analysis is imperative,” Hilal said.

The “Korea Unicorn Investment Conclave: The Relationship Between Big Tech Cities and the Emergence of New Unicorns” session explored the vibrant investment landscape in Korea, featuring insights from Dr. Kiho Park of LB Investment, Dr. Kim of Invest Korea, Kyungsoo Noh of Seadronix, and Jinkyung Kim of Big Value. It was moderated by Rachel Cho.

“Founders are the most critical factor in the success of ventures. Strategic partnerships and a long-term vision are essential for sustainable growth,” Park said.

Another session, “China Unicorns: Electric Vehicles and Energy Transformation,” moderated by Aly Ramji, delved into the transformative potential of electric vehicles and energy in China with insights from Sean He, Founder of Silicon Harbor.

“As investors, we must prioritise sustainability in our decisions. China’s commitment to environmental concerns underscores the importance of adopting technologies that reduce pollution and promote sustainability,” Sean He stated.

These sessions epitomise the AIM Congress’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration on a global scale, empowering attendees with actionable strategies to navigate an ever-evolving business landscape.

AIM Congress 2024 is hosting more than 150 high-level dignitaries, with 900+ speakers and over 12,000 participants from 175 countries participating. AIM Congress has also organised 27 joint events in cooperation with over 330+ local, international, and global partners.

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