Recipe : Strawberry Cream Dessert


  1. Whipping Cream – 300 g
  2. Fresh Cream – 200 g
  3. Sugar – 6 tsp
  4. Condensed Milk – 2 tbsp
  5. Strawberry – 250 g [finely chopped]


  1. In a shallow sauce pan, add in the chopped strawberries along with the sugar. On a medium heat. Keep stirring the mixture until the sugar melts.
  2. Continue to cook until the strawberries turn soft and the mixture thicken. Switch off the flame and let it cool. After it cools refrigerate it for 1 hour.
  3. In a mixing bowl, add in the whipping cream. Start beating with the electric hand mixer in a circular motion until you get a soft peak.
  4. Add in the fresh cream. Mix this with the electric mixer for 10 -15 secs. Add in the condensed milk.
  5. Now add in the cooled strawberry mixture into it. Using a spatula fold it.
  6. Take a small serving glass. Add in the strawberry crème then garnish it with the sliced strawberry on top. Chill it before serving.



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