Indo-UK Summit: Bridging Vedic Wisdom, Modern Tech

Vimana shastra technology of mercury and thorium used in pushpak viman mentioned in ramayana can end energy crisis and protect the planet- prof randal retired nasa scientist at the kamkusindo -uk leadership summit, london…reports Asian Lite News

On November 1st, Prof (Dr) Diwakar Sukul of Kamkus London organised the Indo-UK Leadership Summit in collaboration with Karma Foundation, Aaj Tak and India Today. The Summit was a game-changer in business and politics, bringing together leaders and visionaries from India and the United Kingdom, USA and Europe to explore opportunities for a more substantial tie-up between the two countries.

The Indo-UK Leadership Summit was a platform to explore the possibilities of ancient Vedic science and modern technology using digital health, global education integrating Vedic science for peace and prosperity, inclusive and positive leadership, investment opportunities, spiritual growth and holistic health. Attendees delved deep into Vedic science and its modern-day relevance for a harmonious world.
The speakers unanimously believed that countries could reach their fullest potential by incorporating Vedic principles and modern-day technology by integrating the Vasudev Kutabhkam (One World, One Family) principle mentioned in Vedas.

The Summit saw the convergence of political leaders, business tycoons, healthcare leaders, investors, social impact enthusiasts, and media experts working together to create a better future.

The speakers at the Summit included Pro Randal Mieke, a retired NASA scientist who shared how ancient Vimana (Flying Machine) technology around 5,000 BC mentioned in Hindu Methodology Ramayana used Mercury and Thorium to create energy. He also shared that this technology can resolve the world’s energy crisis and protect the environment if appropriately developed. Prof Yash Gupta, a UK consultant Surgeon, talked about Science in Sanskrit.

Daniel Couts, Nina Finch and Manish Tewari spoke about the role of responsible media and its influence on the mind and democracy. Prof Cadwell and Prof Mahadev talked about the role of Artificial Intelligence in modern healthcare, whereas Prof (Dr.) Diwakar Sukul, with Dr Navin Gupta, Praveen Pandey, Amrita Gidwani and Umesh Parmar, spoke about how integrating Vedic Psychology into psychiatry can help curb the world’s mental health crisis. Prof A DN Bajpai from ABV University in India talked about spirituality for integrating the global culture, and John Rainford, Prof Christine Bamford, Gina Gardiner, Madhuresh Mishra and Aruna Ladva shared their deep insight about integrative and inclusive leadership. Dr Kakkar, Ramesh Arora, Dr Dinesh Saraswat, Hieu Tran, Dr Dan Brown, Prof Mak Sharma, and Sandeep Chadha talked about investment opportunities in the fields of education, healthcare and wellbeing, mining, aeronautical research in India and the United Kingdom. Dr Minesh Khasu, a neonatologist in the UK, talked about multiple realities and a parallel world. The noted author and entrepreneur Ruchir Verma from Switzerland discussed sustainability using philosophy and technology.

The Summit was inaugurated by Baroness Dr Sandip Verma (House of Lords, UK) and MP Virendra Sharma (MP- British Parliament) at the Courthouse Hotel, London and concluded at The House of Lords with the International Book of Honours- England on November 2nd. Noted awardees also included Prof Randall, Manisha Koirala, Prof Bajpai, Prof Yash Gupta, Ms Gina Gardiner, Prof Romford, Dr Ramesh Arora, Gagan Dhawan, HE Nawab Shik Ibrahim, Sunny Aggarwal, Manav Grover, Dr Satish Chandra, Ashok Verma and more. The President of Liberland also graced the occasion. Mr John Rainford, president of the International Book of Honour (IBH), and Divya Sukul, director of IBH, congratulated all the awardees. Dr Diwakar Sukul and Mr Ramesh Arora thanked Baroness Verma, MP Virendra Sharma, and all participants and awardees in the closing speech.

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