‘Biden’s approach towards India structural’

The CEO of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum called the New Delhi Declaration by G20 leaders as a “crowning moment” for PM Modi and India…reports Asian Lite News

Comparing the US approach towards India, the president and CEO of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, Dr Mukesh Aghi, said while the Trump administration’s approach was “very transactional”, the Biden administration is “very structural”.

He added that the New Delhi Declaration adopted at the G20 Summit is a “success story” for India, which has sent out a message that it has arrived as a rising global power.

Mukesh Aghi said, “The approach of the Biden administration which is a very structural approach with India, compared to the Trump administration which was very transactional. The structural approach is comprehensively looking at geo-political issues, looking at economic issues, climate, technology, immigration, and technological transfers. In the last bilateral meeting in Washington DC, there were 108 initiatives announced in the joint statement, so the talk which happened yesterday was a follow-up on some of the things which they wanted to complete”.

He added that both nations are undertaking a very strong structural approach in the direction of Indo-US technological and defence cooperation.

“For the first time, we are seeing that the US has opened some of its critical technology to India. Let’s look at GE, which is a crowned treasure of US technology. India will be the fourth country in the world to make hot engines for planes and to have that transfer is a big move on the part of the US. In the area of cybersecurity, and other defence technologies, there is a very strong structural approach which both countries are monitoring on a weekly basis to make sure things are moving,” Aghi added.

The CEO of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum called the New Delhi Declaration by G20 leaders as a “crowning moment” for PM Modi and India.

“It is a crowning moment for India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Obviously, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping not coming in, I don’t think that dampens the spirit and the energy. In fact, it gives space to President Biden and Prime Minister Modi to set the agenda…This is a success story for India and I think the momentum has been built. It sends a message to the world that India has arrived as a country, as an economy, as a nation which is rising,” he added.

The New Delhi Declaration was adopted on Saturday at the G20 summit being held under India’s presidency.

PM Modi made the announcement and congratulated the Sherpas and ministers, who had worked towards forging a consensus. (ANI)

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