Omni-channel retailing: The future of brands in India

By enabling customers to select products online and have them through in-store pickup or direct delivery from the fulfillment centre, brands can provide a superior customer experience and increase sales…reports Asian Lite News

In today’s highly competitive Indian market, brands strive to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering them an unlimited choice of products and multiple channels to purchase from.

This is precisely where omnichannel sales and fulfillment come into the picture. It enables brands to leverage the strengths of both B2B and B2C channels to increase sales and enhance the customer experience. For instance, while B2C channels allow for unlimited product listings on web portals and marketplaces, brick-and-mortar stores have limited physical shelf space, making it difficult to display all available products.

By enabling customers to select products online and have them through in-store pickup or direct delivery from the fulfillment centre, brands can provide a superior customer experience and increase sales. Each channel has unique market dynamics and operating models for the fulfillment process, which can be complex to manage in-house.

While brands may have merchandising, marketing, and sales teams, managing fulfillment operations requires warehousing and inventory management expertise; to ensure optimal inventory planning, management, and control across all channels, brands must work with fulfillment providers with the necessary knowledge and technology to manage inventory from a shared pool. Failure to do so can result in suboptimal inventory planning, increased costs, and stock-outs in one or more channels, leading to lost sales and reduced customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right partner

Therefore, choosing the right partner with deep knowledge of the brand’s products and accurate handling, storage, and packing processes at eaches/pieces level in tech-driven warehouses is critical. In addition, different sales channels have unique requirements for the fulfillment centre, such as shipping windows, storage, picking, packing, and information flow through IT systems. Therefore, to achieve successful omnichannel sales and fulfillment, brands must partner with providers with the expertise and technology to manage these complexities effectively.

One of India’s leading end-to-end supply chain solution providers

In India, Holisol is a prominent provider of end-to-end solutions for supply chain management. With a founding team experience of over 70 years, it has developed fulfilment capabilities for omnichannel B2B & B2C channel sales from a single inventory pool, utilising AI/ML enabled technology to serve over 120 enterprise brands in apparel, footwear, beauty, personal care, consumer electronics and FMCG.

By addressing pain points and prioritising customer satisfaction, the company has established itself as a leading provider of seamless and best-in-class experiences to its customer through 40+ FCs and 65+ HFCs.

Why is Holisol a trusted partner?

Holisol is a trusted logistics partner for retailers that offers flexible and versatile logistics solutions. It can set up fulfillment centres within 30 to 45 days, offer unit-based pricing options, and provide flexible multi-user and dedicated warehousing to help brands handle market uncertainties.

The company also offers customisable solutions for industries ranging from apparel fashion, footwear, beauty, personal, healthcare, consumer electronics and FMCG and provides value-added services like automated tracking and tracing, reverse logistics, and specialised warehousing. In addition, Holisol can quickly upscale its capabilities by hiring temporary workforce and machines and forming provisional tie-ups with last mile and freight forwarding services.

Holisol specialises in serving enterprise-level brands with scaled and complex high throughput operations, demanding precision and expertise from their supply chain partners. Processing 1.2 million pieces daily within its network, it employs industry vertical experts who engage deeply with customers, providing them the confidence and comfort of working with a service provider with experience and expertise in their specific industry segment.

Holisol was founded in 2009 by Manish Ahuja, Naveen Rawat and Rahul S Dogar with a vision of empowering customers to achieve their business goals through their end-to-end supply chain management solutions. Today, it is a market leader, providing technology-enabled end-to-end supply chain logistics platforms for clients from fashion, lifestyle, beauty, personal care, e-commerce, FMCG and auto. Holisol’s solutions include omni-channel fulfillment for B2B and B2C retail. As an Auto Logistics Solutions provider, Holisol assists the automotive sector, agriculture, and heavy engineering industry in streamlining their supply chains for optimal efficiency. Its AI-ML-enabled supply chain and fulfilment tech solutions drive cost savings and efficiencies through the customer’s end-to-end supply chains.

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