UAE greets world with ‘namaste’ on Yoga Day

Indian Ambassador to UAE Sunjay Sudhir among the community members participated in the ‘Yoga Under the Dome’ session organised by Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi and the Indian Embassy, reports Asian Lite Newsdesk

The UAE has celebrated the eighth International Yoga Day with Minister of Tolerance Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan greeting the world with a heartfelt ‘namaste’.

Indian Ambassador to UAE Sunjay Sudhir among the community members participated in the ‘Yoga Under the Dome’ session organised by Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi and the Indian Embassy as part of the global ‘Guardian Ring’. The day is marked under the theme: ‘Yoga for Humanity’.

The Guardian Ring programme celebrates the movement of the Sun, underlining the concept of ‘One Sun, One Earth’. From East to West, as people from all countries welcome the Sun with Yoga, celebrating the Indian tradition of “Surya Namaskar” or sun-salutation, the government of India has said.

Sheikh Nahyan, in a video message, said: “It is gratifying to know that those of us celebrating this eighth International Yoga Day are connected with each other around the world. I would like to share a heartfelt ‘namaste’ to all of you. That one word of greetings and good wishes speaks volumes on this day.”

“We do best when we strengthen human contact, engage in constructive dialogue and cooperation, and do all we can to preserve human dignity. We do best together when we go forward with determination to see that all people have a positive future to look forward to as members of one human family. These values and principles are at the core of my country’s vision for its present and its future,” the Khaleej Times quoted Sheikh Nahyan as saying in the message.

“In the UAE, we believe that there is a great and vast field in which we can act together with the rest of the world in defending and promoting the moral values and principles that are a vital part of our common human heritage. We are grateful for yoga, ancient India’s gift to the world, that embodies these values and principles. We thank the nation of India for giving us this International Yoga Day. In the spirit of yoga’s essence, we will redouble our efforts to help those who are in need regardless of their politics, their ideology or their religion. We will strive to reach out to one another in the spirit of peace and harmony as we commit to living together in dignity and good health.”

‘Muscat Yog Mahotsav’

Ahead of the International Day of Yoga and as a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava, the Embassy of India, Muscat, organised an eye-catching Yoga performance under ‘Muscat Yog Mahotsav- 75 days, 75 events’ on Monday.

Eye-catching Yoga performance organised by @Indemb_Muscat as part of ‘Muscat Yog Mahotsav-75 days, 75 events’ informed Minister of State for External Affairs, V. Muraleedharan, in a tweet.

“Do watch the breathtaking view of Yoga being performed at the giant incense burner overlooking iconic Fort Mutrah and the Corniche in Muscat, Oman,” he added, continuing the thread.

The yoga was performed at the giant incence burner overlooking iconic fort Mutrah in Muscat, Oman.

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The Muscat Yog Mahotsav is a festival of peace, health, and wellbeing held in association with Yoga organizations in Oman as a run-up to the 8th International Day of Yoga.

The Yog Mahotsav will feature over 75 curated Yoga events all across Oman in the coming 75 days till 21 June 2022 as part of celebrations of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

“Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” is being celebrated in the country in commemoration of 75 years of independence of India, and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements. It’s a celebration of our collective achievements as a 75-year-old independent country with a legacy of 5000+ years of ancient history.

The celebration rests on five pillars outlined by the Prime Minister i.e. Freedom struggle, Ideas at 75, Achievements at 75, Actions at 75 and Resolves at 75 as guiding force for moving forward and Keeping dreams and duties as inspiration.

International Day of Yoga over the years has not only boosted Yoga’s popularity but also expanded its geographical presence by inspiring its adoption in several new territories. June 21 is observed as the International Yoga Day, recognising the benefits of the ancient Indian practice of Yoga.

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