This one will indeed make your dad nostalgic of the days he taught you to ride a bicycle. Relive the good old days and go on a bicycle ride together…writes Olivia Sarkar

Do you recall the first time you used the words “Papa” or “Appa”? Not all of us, but that one moment when we addressed our father without even knowing what the word “dad” meant was indeed the most precious for the superheroes God sent to our rescue – fathers.

Dads have always had our backs, from teaching us how to tie our shoelaces to mediating a heated school fight.

This Father’s Day, spoil your father with the luxury of time and your love. Here are a few suggestions to make it memorable for you both.

Write a letter

When it comes to expressing love and affection, nothing beats a heartfelt letter. Write your heart out and express gratitude to your father for everything he does for you selflessly. End the letter with “je t’aime tellement papa” – the French translation for “I love you, dad,” and keep a tissue box nearby in case he gets emotional.

Eat dumplings together

Everyone enjoys bingeing on Chinese food on occasion, so why not our fathers? Go on a dumpling date with your father. To make it extra special, have the cook write the Chinese translation for ‘I love you dad’ – on the plate. It will undoubtedly surprise him.

Play a word game

Word games can be another enjoyable activity to do with your father. Download Duolingo, make some coffee, and bake some cookies while you learn a new language and have fun with your father. Remember to include ‘appa salang haeyo’ – the Korean translation for ‘I love you dad’ – among all the words and phrases you learn. The thought behind the game will undoubtedly make him feel special once he decodes the phrase.

Play Shiritori – the Japanese word game

Word games are a fun activity to include on your Father’s Day to-do list. Play the popular Japanese word game Shiritori with your father and remember the phrase ‘Aishiteruyo, otsan’ – the Japanese translation for ‘I love you dad.’ This adorable gesture will melt his heart.

Watch a movie together

Choose your father’s favourite movie genre and go on a date with your favourite man. Play the dubbed version of the movie in a foreign language to provide some food for thought. While the movie is ending, say ‘ya lyublyu terbia, papa,’ which is Russian for ‘I love you, dad.’ He’ll be astounded by both the gesture and your command of the language.

Plan a bicycle ride

This one will indeed make your dad nostalgic of the days he taught you to ride a bicycle. Relive the good old days and go on a bicycle ride together. To make the ride more memorable, put a small card that reads ‘jeg elsker deg pappa’ – the Norwegian translation for ‘I love you dad’ on his bicycle seat.

Pen down a Poem

One simply can’t imagine acknowledging the love for their close ones without the thought of poetry. One of the most wholesome ways to sum up your affection for your dad can be writing a short but beautiful piece of poem for him. Don’t forget to mention ‘uhibuk abi’ – the Persian translation for ‘I love you dad’ towards the end.

Help him wash the car

The story of every family – dads are obsessed with cars and are usually responsible for every little task ranging from car maintenance to paying the gas bills. Offer him a helping hand this Father’s Day and wash the car together. To make the day a little special, place a card on the car seat that reads ‘kocham Cie tato’ – Polish translation for ‘I love you dad’.

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