Taliban free over 210 prisoners in Afghanistan

After taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has released hundreds of prisoners in the country causing concern among the people of Afghanistan….reports Asian Lite News

As Afghans are struggling with the ongoing law and order situation in the country, the Taliban on Monday released over 210 prisoners from a jail in Afghanistan.

The Taliban undertook this move despite the fact that affiliates of Islamic State-Khorasan, Syria and Iraq-based terrorist groups are emerging as a big problem to public safety in the country.

As reported by Sputnik, after taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban has released hundreds of prisoners in the country causing concern among the people of Afghanistan.

Earlier this year, the group released over 600 terrorists from jails of Helmand and Farah province, Russian news agency Sputnik reported citing Afghan state media.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has failed to contain the terrorists, who have incited a number of attacks in the country since the collapse of the Ghani government in Afghanistan, The Washington Post reported.

These attacks also included two bombings of Shiite mosques that recently took place within a week in Kandahar and Kunduz that killed scores of worshipers.

Export resumes

Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has recently exported 500 tons of talc powder to a number of countries including China, Spain and the UK, said Afghanistan Industrial Association on Monday.

“Afghanistan has recently exported talc to Pakistan, Turkey, India, China, Spain, and the UK. Exports have resumed and we want to expand our exports,” Ariana News quoted Abdul Jabbar Safi, the head of the association as saying.

The association also called for the Taliban to focus on the mining sector and provide facilities for the extraction of minerals in order to boost investment.

They also called on the Taliban regime to establish new policies around mining, also to boost investment in the sector, Ariana News reported.

According to the Afghan media, Safi said that since the mid-August takeover by the IEA, “illegal extractions of mines, as well as smuggling, have been prevented.”

The Taliban entered Kabul on August 15, causing the US-backed government to step down. Later in September, the outfit announced the composition of the new interim government of Afghanistan.

The country is currently battered by the deepening economic, humanitarian, and security crisis following the Taliban takeover. The international community, from governments to non-governmental organizations, has been providing various assistance to the Afghan people. (ANI)

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