DoD official warns of Hezbollah threat to Lebanon’s stability

The concerns were raised in a discussion on Washington’s defence cooperation with Lebanon…reports Asian Lite News

A US Defence Department official has warned of the threat posed by Hezbollah to Lebanon’s stability amid the economic crisis wracking the country, according to reports.

The concerns were raised in a discussion on Washington’s defence cooperation with Lebanon, the Arab News reported.

“Hezbollah’s terrorist and illicit activities threaten Lebanon’s security, stability, and sovereignty,” the Arab News quoted Dana Stroul, deputy assistant secretary of defence for the Middle East, as saying at a conference hosted by the Middle East Institute.

“It (Hezbollah) is more concerned with its own interests than what is best for the Lebanese people,” he added.

The US has provided support for more than 15 years to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), but the increasing influence of the terrorist-designated Hezbollah in Lebanese politics has strained the partnership.

Last week, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that his country looked forward to strengthening bilateral ties with Syria in all areas.

His remarks were included in a letter sent to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday to congratulate the latter on winning his fourth seven-year term in last week’s presidential election.

“I sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of your re-election as the president of the brotherly Syrian Arab Republic, hoping efforts will continue in the next phase to stabilize your country and restore cohesion among all its areas,” Aoun said.

The Lebanese leader also confirmed deep historical ties between the two countries.

He also wished for the return of the displaced Syrians to their homeland to participate in the development of Syria.

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