‘UAE best destination for expatriates’

In addition, 90 percent of respondents noted that they can use cashless payments while the global rate is 84 percent…reports Asian Lite News

The UAE has exceeded international rates in 11 indexes on the best expatriate destinations based on various factors, which include language, bureaucracy, professional prospects, leisure options, travel, transport, job satisfaction, safety, healthcare, digital life, housing, wages and job safety, InterNations said.

The German research firm in its report titled “Expat Insider 2022” said that the UAE achieved advanced positions in four key pillars and 11 indexes, out of five pillars and 17 indexes.

The report included the overall rankings of expatriate destination countries in terms of quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, personal finance and the availability of basic essentials.

The report revealed that 94 percent of those surveyed felt safe in the UAE while the global rate was under 81 percent, and 86 percent of residents included in the survey were happy about the available government services, exceeding the global rate by 25 percentage points.

In addition, 90 percent of respondents noted that they can use cashless payments while the global rate is 84 percent.

In terms of the healthcare sector, the percentage of residents who highlighted the easy access to healthcare services in the UAE was 78 percent while the global rate is 64 percent.

Moreover, 79 percent of those surveyed noted that living in the UAE advanced their professional prospects while the global average is 65 percent.

Some 85 percent of surveyed individuals also noted that not speaking the local language was not a barrier while the global percentage is 51 percent, and 83 percent of surveyed residents in the UAE stressed that administrative procedures are simple and easy, outperforming the global rate of 56 percent by 27 points.

Some 75 percent of those surveyed said that the process of finding housing was easy while the global rate is 54 percent.

Furthermore, 83 percent of surveyed people noted the ease of applying for a residence visa while the global rate is 56 percent, making the UAE the world’s leading country in this area.

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